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Cloud Integration & Operations Consultant
There’s nothing special about what I do. What’s special is what you will be able to do with what I create. By incorporating every aspect of your business into an integrated digital ecosystem, you and your team will be more in sync, adaptive and agile.



By connecting to your bank account, you can import and categorise your transactions so you can understand your real-time cash position.


Manage stock, sales orders, finances and daily business transactions all in one application. Integrate it with all of the other business areas and you have a powerful, reliable platform.

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The pretty face of your business. Where the money happens. Inventory data comes in, order, payment and customer data goes out, so your online shop stays  up to date and remains the pretty face.

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Success, defined by a successful man I know as your ability to get things done. Stay in sync, hit deadlines and reach your goals. Plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you.


Customer’s expectations, opinions and the way they engage with your brand differ. Understanding each customer, tracking interactions and managing their expectations is a key to success.


Done right, it offers the best ROI of any marketing activity. Capturing the data  and being able to easily interpret it is where the difference lies, and is the driver for successful campaigns.

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Clients and Testimonials

It was great working with Nic, he helped us transfer our CRM and inventory to a new software system. This is never easy for any company but Nic was able to accommodate our needs and offer a smooth transition.

Will Boex

Founder, Flexi-Hex

Nic’s expertise on the TradeGecko system and developing the perfect technical workflow for his clients is why Nic is consistently sought after. What I appreciate about Nic the most is his ability to empathetically listen to his clients needs and warmly present the right solutions, that – combined with his deep expertise makes Nic the perfect partner.

Ali Datoo

Account Executive, TradeGecko

Nic is very resourceful.  He was able to understand our business needs and was able to navigate the complicated world of integration to automate many of our processes.  Solid work.

Brian MacArthur


The Real Benefits

  • No more spreadsheets for managing inventory, reports and customer data
  • Turn common processes into templates your whole team can use
  • Respond to market conditions faster with easy to access data analysis
  • Monetise, manage, and measure information as an asset for competitive advantage
  • Streamline business processes and operations
  • Improved financial consolidation
  • Optimise your supply chain
  • Unimaginable automation and efficiency
  • A robust and self-regulating system
  • Connecting processes, systems and people

Sound good?